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Advice and Options after Graduating

Students who have graduated [postgraduate students] from either a Bachelors or Masters Degree have a number of different options available to them. Knowing what some of these options can help when making important decisions towards getting started in a particular career or subject. Advice on the Options Available After Graduating is often available from University Supervisors, Lectures and Career Departments, and is available on-line (Direct.Gov.UK,, and from specialist groups (Connextions, Next Step).

Prospects, or Graduate Prospects to give them their full name, is the UK's leading provider of information, advice and opportunities to students and graduates. Prospects publish a wide collection of journals and directories, as well as provide an extensive graduate careers website.

New Scientist's - Graduate Careers Special, in May and October New Scientist publish thier Graduate Careers Special Supplement targeted at students in their final year of unviersity education and those who have recently graduated from science and science related subjects. The supplement is available from free online and is available for download.
The 2011 Autumn issue included the articles;
- Choose your own Adventure
- Where to Now? Welcome to the Graduate Crossroads
- The Briefing - We unpick the Internship Dilemma, &
- Real Lives - what it's like to work at the LHC, plus other insightful stories from science graduates.

Postgraduate Study
If you are thinking of going on to study Conservation Biology at the postgraduate level, or a subject related to Conservation Biology, the Society for Conservation Biology provides an international directory of conservation programs and the universities that support them. Their directory currently contains; 521 Schools, 592 Academic Programs & 2502 Faculties all of them in, or related to, conservation biology. Need help finding a program or advisor? Click here to visit our Academic Programs Database to find universities with conservation related programs.

You can also search course using Prospects Course and Research Search Facility

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