Contribution Help


There are multiple ways in which you can contribute to the SCB Student Wiki. These include:
1) joining the SCB Student Wiki and contributing directly,
2) sending us content you would like to go on the Wiki such as Conferences, Courses and Internships
3) by following the SCB Student Wiki on Twitter
4) or by simply sharing the Wiki with your friends and colleges.

On this page step by step instructions are provided on each of these four ways to contribute.

Joining the SCB Student Wiki and contributing directly.

As the name suggests - the SCB Student Wiki is... a Wiki!
A Wiki is a type of webpage that can have it's content edited by any of its members (more about Wikis).

To join the SCB Student Wiki you first need to be a member of Wikispaces.
To become a member of Wikispaces go to of click on the here to take you there now.

Wikispaces is free to join.

As you will see from the Wikispaces home page - Wikispaces has been designed with education in mind.

In order to sign up click on the I'm a Student Button on the Wikispaces homepage, followed by Sign up and start your wiki - or click here. > I'm a student > Sign up and start your wiki.

To create a Wikispace account you will need:
1) a Username
2) a Password, and
3) an Email Address.

Once you have your wikispaces account you can ask to join the SCB Student Wiki. You can do this one of two ways.

One is to click the Join button at the top right your screen - signing into your wikispaces account