Options after Graduating


Students who have graduated [postgraduate students] from either a Bachelors or Masters Degree have a number of different options available to them. Knowing what some of these options can help when making important decisions towards getting started in a particular career or subject. Advice on the Options Available After Graduating is often available from University Supervisors, Lecturers and Career Departments, and is available online (Direct.Gov.UK, Manchester.ac.uk, Prospects.ac.uk) and from specialist groups (Connextions, Next Step).

Here we aim to provide some advice on six options, namely; Working, Postgraduate Study, Postgraduate Research, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, Gap Years and Volunteering - by identifying what these options are, what they entail and how they can help in achieving particular aims

Postgraduate Study
Masters (What is a Masters)
Types of Masters
Taught Masters
Research Masters
Masters in Conservation
PhD (What is a PhD)
Types of PhDs
Finding a PhD
Postgraduate Research
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships
Gap Year