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This Resources page contains links to resources related to all areas of conservation - from suitable books to read and writing advice to useful resource if you are considering studying conservation, and conservation related subject, at a postgraduate level.


We deny any responsibility on the correctness of the information, particularly the web addresses that may have changed since the database was created. You are welcome to contribute more entries and signal any incorrect information by writing to pierovisconti@gmail.com

Writing Resources

The Plain English Campaign

Established in 1979 the Plain English Campaign has been working for 32 years to reduce the amount of Gobbledegook, Jargon and Misleading Information published in both public and private sectors. Their webpage provides useful information on how to write in plain English and has numerous free resources - including: How to write in plain English - Writing CVs - Basic grammar - Capital letters & Punctuating sentences.

Writing for Conferences

Writing Research and Grant Propopals

Networking Resources

Society for Conservation Biology Networks

PhD Networks

Professional Networks
More than one route for PhD success, + resolving the dilemma: Lab-life or Love-life?


Reading Resources - AKA Books

Management Planning for Nature Conservation: A Theoretical Basis & Practical Guide - 2007 - Mike AlexanderMeasure of Success: Design, Monitoring and Managing Conservation and Development Projects - 1998 - Margoluis and Salafsky
Advice for pursuing a career in conservation
Conducting Research in Conservation: Social Science Methods and Practice - 2010 - Helen Newing
Choosing and Using Statistics: A Biologist's Guide - 2010 - Calvin Dytham
Asking Questions in Biology: A Guide to Hypothesis Testing, Experimental Design and Presentation in Practical Work and Research Projects - 2011 - Gilbert, Mcgregor & Barnard
Experimental Design for the Life Sciences - 2010 - Ruxton and Colegrave
Practical Statistics for Field Biology - 1998 - Fowler, Cohen and Jarvis
Conservation: Linking Ecology, Economics, and Culture - 2004 - Mulder and Coppolillo
Wildlife Ecology, Conservation and Management - 2005 - Sinclair, Fryxell and Caughley
Ecological Census Techniques: A Handbook, 2nd ed. - 2006 - Sutherland

Analytical tools Resources

Statistical tools

R software:
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