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ECCB 2012

The 3rd European Congress of Conservation Biology is less than a month away!
Standard registration is open until 20th August through the conference website so come and join us.

Social Event

A social event will be held on the evening of 31st August were you will have the chance to meet other students and the members of the Students Affairs Committee.

Student Awards oral presentations

A special session for student awards will be held on the 29th August 14h-16h were 8 finalists will give their oral presentation and be awarded by distinguished professors.

Swarovski optic green travel prize

All participants of ECCB 2012 are invited to diminish their carbon footprint by travelling to the conference with less fossil fuels. The person that will have the smallest carbon footprint will win a pair of brand new swarovision EL 32. Participants can submit their travel details when checking in at the congress. For details click here

Training courses/workshops/round table discussions you don't want to miss

Places are still available so visit the ECCB 2012 website for more information and how to register.

“How to get there” – presenting different career paths to students
Nuno Curado - Student Affair Committe of the SCB-ES
The goal of this round table is to provide students with a unique opportunity to get in contact with a joint panel of conservation professionals from different subject areas and ask them questions about what they do, what led them there and advice them on curriculum development and career options.

Current activities on science-policy interface: an overview of the IPBES process – workshop for students
Carsten Nesshover
The workshop will describe the process of IPBES formation: meetings, documents on organisational structure, stakeholders involved etc. There will be a special emphasis on the SCB’s role in a process, under which conditions (scientific independence, credibility and flexibility) the Society will accept the involvement in IPBES. The second part of the workshop will consist of a simulation of the IPBES ad-hoc committee decision-making process over IPBES organisational structure, followed by a discussion.

Introduction to LTER-EDU Project; The international Long Term Ecological Research network for students
Saleit Ron
LTER-EDU is an educational project that offers students a chance to be partners in a global ecological monitoring effort. The workshop is aimed at a wide audience, scientists, students and educators that will be trained to use the monitoring protocols and will be offered to join the collaborative monitoring effort in their countries.

Legal basis and implementation of EU Conservation directives
Jonathan Verschuuren, Tilburg Sustainability Centre and Tilburg Law School and Martin Dieterich, Institute for Landscape and Vegetation Ecology, University of Hohenheim
The purpose of this training course is to familiarize conservation biology students in particular with the legal framework for nature conservation in the EU. The contents of the class integrate a wide spectrum of conservation sciences, and provide a European-focus on conservation.

Taking the pain out of writing Scientific Papers
Rob Marrs, Applied Vegetation Dynamics Laboratory, School of Environmental Sciences, University of Liverpool and Gabor Lovei, Dept of Agroecology, Aarhus University, Denmark
Effective communication, by conservation biologists within and outside the discipline is rightly considered important by SCB. The training course content covers the main areas of technical communication, written and oral, and because of the instructors’ professional background, uses practical examples that are relevant to conservation biology/ecology.

Other Training courses/Workshops/ Round Table Discussion offered during the conference.

For details click here

Training courses

Adaptive Conservation Management
Ilke Tilders, Pierre Ibisch, Peter Hobson, Centre for Econics and Ecosystem Management
Introduction to Systematic Review
Jacqui Eales and Barbara Livoreil, Centre for Evidence-Based Conservation (CEBC), Bangor University
Bayesian statistical methods using R and Winbugs
Andrea Harnos and Peter Fehervari, Szent Istvan University
The Zonation v3 conservation prioritization framework and software - hands on
Atte Moilanen, Finnish Centre of Excellence in Metapopulation Biology, University of Helsinki & Joona Lehtomaki
Allocation of conservation actions for habitat management, maintenance,restoration and offsetting: the RobOff decision support system
Federico Montesino Pouzols, Aija Kukkala and Prof Atte Moilanen, Finnish Centre of Excellence in Metapopulation Biology, University of Helsinki


Land sparing versus land sharing - discussion
Andras Baldi and Tibor Hartel
Sites on the edge: Consolidating the criteria for identifying sites of global significance for biodiversity
Diego Juffe and Thomas Brooks
Setting conservation objectives for birds:methods and criteria to ensure mimimum acceptable standards
Ian Burfield and Claudio Celada
Taking a CHANCE: empowering science education by blending scientific research with teaching
Jacqueline McLaughlin
Promoting the use of genetic and genomic data in conservation planning and legislation: forward from Nagoya
Michael Bruford
Mediterranean Ad Hoc committee: defining goals and activities
Linda Olsvig-Whittaker
CV Sharpening Workshop
Peter Gilchrist

Round Table Discussions

Reintroduction in Europe, challenges for a common framework
Francois Sarrazin - University Pierre et Marie Curies, Paris, France
Invasion in Europe - Science, policy,ethics
Gabor Lovei - Aarhus University, Slagelse, Denmark
Scientific peer review - a time for renovation?
Mikko Monkkonen and Janne S Kotiaho, Department of Biological and Enviromental Sciences



Dear SCB Members,

The 2012 election for the Board of Governors of the Society for Conservation Biology is now open. All votes must be recorded by 30 June 2012.
This year we have asked all the candidates to answer the same set of questions so that you can get to know them. There are three open positions on the Board of Governors, and the candidates are listed below:

  • Alex Dehgan
  • Kyle Gracey
  • Andrew Knight
  • Kate McFadden
  • Pia Parolin
  • Sadie Jane Ryan
  • Cagan Sekercioglu
TO VOTE, please log on to ****.
You can read the candidates' statements and cast your vote by logging into your membership profile on SCB's Web site: and then selecting the "Open Ballots" link in the Announcements section on the left.
Thank you for voting and supporting all of the candidates who are willing to serve SCB and dedicate their time to advancing the science and practice of conserving Earth's biological diversity.

07/03/2012 -


“Conservation Biology in Europe: Building a coherent strategy for the future”. The European Section of SCB invites all undergaduates and early postgraduates from across Europe to attend - The Summer School is to be held in Papingo, Greece, fromt he 24th June - 7th July 2012. Registration deadline is 15th March 2012! -

The Europe Section of the Society for Conservation Biology invites all undergraduate and early postgraduate students from all over Europe, including Turkey to take part in the Greek Summer School (Εrasmus Intensive Programme): “Conservation Biology in Europe: Building a coherent strategy for the future” to be held in Papingo, Greece, 24th June - 7th July 2012. Registration deadline is 15th March 2012!

Successful applicants from all over Europe will receive a grant from the SCB Europe Section, covering the following costs:

1. A grant of 300 euros from for each SCB participant.
2. Transport upon arrival and departure from Ioannina town to the residence site (Papingo).
3. Welcome Dinner at arrival date.
4. Field transport, field excursions, all tuition fees and use of research equipment.
5. One year membership to the Society for Conservation Biology + membership to the European Section + online Subscription to Conservation Biology (journal of the Society).

SCB-students should cover their accomodation, travel expenses to Ioannina, medical insurance and any other cost not mentioned above. The coordinator arranged a special price of 40 Euro/ day for SCB-students (accomodation sharing a room for three, breakfast and one meal per day).

For more information click here!

23 January 2012

Policy Brief competition at ECCB 2012

A brief is a very concise version of an already published scientific paper (including a review). Prizes for students winners.**===


14 December 2011

Elections Results - European Section

Find out who the elected nominees are and read their statements in the Europe Board Blog.

20 November 2011

Want to have your voice heard?

Vote for the election of Board Members and President Elect of SCB Europe Section board.
We need your support and your suggestions to help SCB grow and to improve SCB's initiatives for students.

Cast your vote here! Read the nominees statements in the Europe Board Blog.

30 October 2011

Online Conference

Participate to the online conference on "Evolutionary rescue" debating the role of evolutionary mechanisms in species responses to global change. Hear the talks and post your questions online here.

7 September 2011

SCB Newsletter

The August SCB newsletter is out here

21 July 2011


25th International Congress for Conservation Biology - Auckland, New Zealand - 5-9 December, 2011
Join the Society for Conservation Biology’s 25th International Congress for Conservation Biology (ICCB) in Auckland, New Zealand! Register now to take advantage of early registration rates: .


12 July 2011

ECCB 2012 -

The Call for symposia, workshops and training sessions for the 3rd European Congress of Conservation Biology is now open with a deadline for proposals of 30 September 2011. Details are posted on the congress website: ****.

The 3rd European Congress of Conservation Biology will be held in Glasgow, Scotland, from 28 August to 1 September 2012, and is organised by the Society for Conservation Biology - Europe Section and the University of Cumbria's National School of Forestry.


SCB Expert Database

The Society for Conservation Biology is bringing back its Expertise Database, and we hope you will add your information! To do so, please log in to SCB's Member Home page at using your member ID and password. Then visit the following link:
Links to update and search the expertise database are now also active on the Member Home page. You will find them in the section on the lower left, just above the blue Facebook icon.

After you have entered your information into the database, we invite you to check back to update your information as needed, and to use the database to search for experts in a wide range of fields. If you have any questions or need assistance with this process, please contact our Webmaster, Cathy McIntosh (

04 June 2011

PetWatch, Smith Fellows Project

Beginning as a group project, PetWatch is a product of the minds of several Smith Fellows. Kate Smith and Myra Finkelstein received a grant from the Switzer Fellowship to work on PetWatch. The website was officially launched last week:
PetWatch, a program of EcoHealth Alliance, provides consumers with a science-based list of the Best, Fair and Worst choices of exotic pets based on extensive research aimed at protecting native wildlife and resources, global biodiversity and public health. PetWatch is a first-of-its-kind consumer information program founded on scientific evidence that promotes safe pet purchases for all major animal groups including mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish, and birds.

25 May 2011

SCB's Newsletter

Read it here. Includes de 2011 Election results and the first winner of the Spotlight on Student Research: Jasper Kenter!

Supercharge your science

Reeaally inspiring talks from Prof. Bill Laurance (maximizing the quantity and quality of your publications) Prof Corey Bradshaw (scientific blogging, why and how) and Michel Seyfang (current and future applications of social media to science). Consider inviting them to your uni. Hearing the talk live is another thing.

Help SCB choose our future global meeting locations!

SCB values the input of our members; help us select a global meeting location in 2013 and beyond. Please take a few minutes to answer 6 questions that will help with our decision. The survey should take less than 5 minutes and all responses must be recorded by June 12th so that we may present results in Edmonton.

To take the survey please click here:

Background: SCB has a new policy by which global meetings will be held once every two years, with regional section meetings (e.g. Africa, Europe, North America) encouraged in the years in between. Before this policy was instituted, in 2004-2009, the Board of Governors had decided that global meetings would be held in North America at least every other year, given that the majority of the membership was from North America. With the change to biannual global meetings, we would like to assess the current thinking of the global membership with regard to global meeting location. Results of this survey will be presented to the SCB Board of Governors in Edmonton in July 2010, and will be made available to the SCB membership during the meeting. For your reference, a list of past, present and proposed future meeting locations is appended to the end of this survey.

Thank you for your input, all responses are extremely valuable! (Laura Walko, SCB)

Results of the questionnaire on student activities for European members

In December we submitted a questionnaire to all contacts of European conservation students available to SCB aimed at knowing what would be the most valuable resources and activities that SCB European Section could provide to its student members. The poll was a success with ~200 respondents and a strongly positive feedback on the proposed resources and activities. The new-formed European Student Affair Committee have taken in strong consideration these results and have already started to lobby the Board of Governor of the European Section to implement the requests and suggestions emerged from the questionnaire.

==Venue of the 3rd European ECCB known:

The 3rd European Congress of Conservation Biology in 2012 will take place in Glasgow, Scotland! The venue was chosen from four excellent proposals by the Board of Directors of the European Section.external image moz-screenshot.png

The local organizing committee has already contacted the Student's Affair Committee of the European Section in order to start working together for having good student activities during the meeting.
So, between 28 August and 01 September 2012 we're going for whisky and kilts in Glasgow! And conservation science, of course!

SCB Students Facebook Group:

SAC has is own place for social networking now. If you are looking for room-mates at the next ICCB or want to keep in touch with people met at past meetings join the group and help building a conservation students social network. visit the group

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