Internships and Placements are a great way to get your foot in the door towards the career of your choice, gain experience, network, train, learn and develop your skills. Employers are increasing wanting to see that you know what you're doing - and that you can bring what you know into their workplace. Internships and Placements [I&Ps], either before, during or after an undergraduate or masters degree can significantly help you in gaining employment.

This page has been set up to advertise current Internships and Placements, to link websites of groups or companies that are known to have previously offered Internships and Placements, and to better facilitate communication better those offering I&Ps and those looking for them.


On-line Portals for Internships:
General - [Not just for Conservation]

Conservation Internships:
Community Centred Conservation - C3 - Internships page
Animal Keeper Internship advertised on Zoo Jobs

Previous Internships Marine conservation in Madagascar and Comoros - Jan 2011