The Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) was founded in 1985 with the objective of applying a greater conservation-oriented focus to the traditional biological sciences. Since then, the field of Conservation Biology has grown considerably, as has Society membership. This global community of conservation professionals is the foundation of the Society for Conservation Biology.

SCB goals

  1. Advocate support for, and facilitate the creation and dissemination of, conservation science. Identify and support the scientific research needed to understand and conserve biological diversity. Appraise scientific outputs and disseminate the highest quality science.
  2. Increase application of science to management and policy. Directly inform management and policy at local, national, regional, and global levels with the highest quality science. Routinely and openly evaluate the effectiveness of management actions.
  3. Strengthen SCB's sections. SCB will encourage and support growth and development of its sections.
  4. Serve the interests of members. Identify, prioritize, and serve the needs and interests of current and potential SCB members.
  5. Build and maintain organizational capacity. Assess and expand the organizational capacity necessary to implement and sustain the programmatic goals and objectives that advance our vision and mission.

Why join SCB?

  1. Become a part of a growing professional community, enhancing my professional network and furthering my career.
  2. Contribute to a global society devoted to conserving Earth's biodiversity.
  3. Free online access to Conservation Biology, Biological Conservation and Conservation magazine for members from developing countries.
  4. Discounted subscription rates for Conservation Biology, Pacific Conservation Biology, Biological Conservation and Conservation magazine.
  5. Discounted rates for all SCB conferences.
  6. 25% discount on Wiley-Blackwell publications - Continued in 2012!
  7. Stay informed about the state of the art in conservation through SCB's media such as the newsletter.
  8. Advance notice of conservation career opportunities on the SCB job board.
  9. Access relevant award and grant opportunities exclusive to SCB members e.g. the Smith Fellows and the Spotlight on Student Research
  10. Online access to the SCB member expertise database - new this year.
  11. Networking opportunities when you join your conservation community through SCB Sections, Chapters, and Working Groups.
  12. Support the Society's national and international policy work.
  13. Promote and strengthen the discipline of conservation biology worldwide by mentoring rising stars in the field of conservation.
  14. Associate with local chapter members to contribute to regional conservation initiatives.

Check out the Society for Conservation Biology's membership page for more information and prices.

Become a Section Member

Once you are a member of the Society for Conservation Biology you can affiliate yourself with Regional Section.
Below you will find instruction on how to get affiliated with the Regional Section (e.g. European Section).
Becoming affiliated with a Regional Section is free - to any current SCB members - with no additional cost

Regional Sections include: Africa - Austral & Neotropical America - Oceania - Asia - Marine - and North America

Here is a step by step guide to becoming affiliated with a Regional Section:

1. After logging in you should be directed to your member home page
2. In the bottom of the page under "SOCIETY INVOLVEMENT" you should have your section affiliation:
3. If you want to join for the first time or update your affiliation click on "My Section and Working Group Affiliations":
4. Here you can click on the section and working groups of your choice - and click "Join" to confirm your choice
And that's it!