Student Affairs Committee

The Student Affairs Committee of the Society for Conservation BIology was formed in 2003 to recognize and nurture student participation in and contributions to the Society for Conservation Biology.

Our mission is to serve as link between student and the governing bodies of the Society for Conservation Biology, create opportunities for students - such as interaction with professionals and workshops on topics especially relevant to students (e.g. grant writing, publishing, paper reviewing, teaching), increase student membership in the SCB and facilitate student participation at meetings.

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Society for Conservation Biology

The Society for Conservation Biology (SCB), founded in 1985, is an international community of more than 12 000 people with the mission to advance the science and practice of conserving the Earth's biodiversity.

On the Society's official website you can get read about SCB vision and mission, the scope of SCB activities, past accomplishments and future plans. You will also find important information and news.

You can contribute by getting involved in one of the regional sections, committees, working groups or even forming a new local chapter. More details on how to become an active SCB member are available on the SCB website.